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6 Power Sources, One Quiet Machine
The VMAC Multifunction Power System, powered by a CAT diesel engine, includes everything needed for safe operations in a single compact, quiet system. Components include: air compressor, generator, welder, booster/ charger, PTO, and cold climate kit.

Reduce Vehicle GVW By Up To 400 lb
The VMAC Multifunction weighs just 570 lb, making lighter than comparable multi-power brands, and saving up to 400 lb compared to having multiple systems on the vehicle.

Free Up To 6 Cubic Feet Of Deck Space
Up to 6 ft3 smaller than other leading multi-power brands, the Multifunction is designed to fit on the side pack of a service truck.

Save Truck Maintenance & Fuel Costs
Multifunctions allow the truck engine to be turned off on the jobsite. The control system automatically idles the system’s engine up/down and turns it off/on with air demand.