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“For the quality and the money, you can’t go wrong. We’ve installed and tested three G30s and now we have three more ordered to add to the fleet.” -Bill, Store Manager, Ziegler Tire


The VMAC G30 air compressor is 58% lighter and 53% smaller than competitive gas drive air compressors.

Decrease GVW
VMAC G30 gas drive air compressors are only 195 lb (dry), while competitive gas drive air compressors weigh 460 lb (dry).

Free Up Space On Your Vehicle
The VMAC G30 is 53% smaller, taking up only 9.88 cubic feet of space, while competitors’ products take up 21.21 cubic feet.

Savings Where It Counts
By decreasing your truck GVW and saving space, you’ll enjoy cost-saving benefits across your entire fleet including:

  • Meet weight regulations
  • Avoid hefty overweight fines
  • Fit more tools & equipment on your trucks, or carry more materials
  • Improve fuel economy