VMAC DTM: Savings Where It Counts


“We have the DTM70 installed on our service truck and we’re very pleased with it. After three years we have approximately 2,400 hours on this unit and have experienced zero downtime.”
James Dyer, Fleet Manager, Sureway Construction Work, Edmonton AB


Discover VMAC’s superior underdeck compressed air solution…

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  • No extra drive shafts
  • No transfer case modifications
  • No excessive install time

VMAC’s innovative DTM, direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressors and multi-power systems, simplify the installation process, saving you time and money when it’s time to upfit and upgrade your fleet. Choose between two models:

  • DTM70: up to 70 CFM @ 100 psi
  • DTM70-H: up to 70 CFM @ 100 psi, up to 14.9 GPM at 3,265 psi*

*Actual GPM & CFM output dependent on truck model year, hydraulic pump, engine RPM, and operating mode