G30 Stacker wdecal


61% Smaller*
The new G30 was mindfully designed with one goal: to easily fit in modern service trucks. The new G30 is stacked vertically, which significantly reduces the amount of vehicle space it requires. With a footprint of just 2.5 square feet on the truck, the Stacked G30 is 61% smaller than competitive models.

59% Lighter*

VMAC’s Stacked G30 weighs in at under 210 lb., making it 59% lighter than comparable air compressors. Add more tools & equipment to your truck or get better fuel economy.

30 CFM @ 100% Duty Cycle

VMAC G30s include a 30 CFM rotary screw air compressor designed to produce full air power, so you don’t need a large air receiver tank. Get jobs done without interruption

*Compared to 22-30 CFM reciprocating gas engine air compressors with 30-gallon air receiver tank