Cat Decal (128A)-1




For industrial jobsites or residential areas where noise level is a concern, there is no better system.

6 Power Sources, One Quiet Machine
The VMAC 6-in-1 Multifunction Power System – Cat® Power, includes everything needed for safe operations in a single compact, quiet system. Components include: a rotary screw air compressor, generator, welder, booster/ charger, PTO with optional hydraulic pump, and cold climate kit. With noise reduction panels, low and high idle controls and Standby Mode, operators can safely communicate while working without disturbing the jobsite or the neighbors.

Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs
The Multifunction allow the truck engine to be turned off on the jobsite. The control system automatically idles the system’s engine up/down and turns it off/on with air demand.

The Cat C1.1 Industrial Engine only needs to be serviced every 500 hours of operation. This service interval is lengthy when compared to typical 100-200 hour service recommendations from other competitive industrial engine manufacturers.

Reduce Vehicle GVW
The VMAC Multifunction - Cat Power weighs just 710 lb, making lighter than comparable multi-power brands, and saving hundreds of pounds compared to having multiple systems on the vehicle.