The HVAC Cooling System for VMAC Multifunction is designed to integrate seamlessly with VMAC’s Multifunction Power System. This HVAC system, powered by the VMAC Multifunction, is the best solution for fleet managers who want to eliminate truck idling on the job site and reduce operating costs, while still providing operators with the comfort and safety of a climate-controlled truck.

The HVAC Cooling System for VMAC Multifunction will provide operators with relief from high temperatures: simply turn on the air conditioning when it's hot without running the truck's engine and enjoy the comforts of a climate-controlled cab.

Eliminating idling on the jobsite brings many advantages including:

  • Reduced fuel consumption - save up to $5,800 per year in fuel costs
  • Reduced operating costs & improved life of the truck - lower engine operating hours & engine wear
  • Minimized environmental impact - decrease carbon footprint 

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