VMAC's Annual State Of The Mobile Compressed Air Industry Report

VMAC-State-Of-The-Industry-Report-2023_COVER-IMAGE_PRVMAC has released the Annual State Of The Mobile Compressed Air Industry Report.

We’ve highlighted and analyzed industry trends based on the feedback of 331 industry professionals, surveyed between December 2022 and April 2023.

The newest industry report from VMAC will help you plan for the future and compare yourself to your industry peers. Findings include:

  • Most fleets are not interested in converting to alternative fuels any time soon; at the same time, diesel vehicles are dropping in popularity

  • Most respondents require under 100 CFM and 120-149 psi for their service trucks

  • Above-deck gas driven air compressors are the most popular and desired system

  • Fewer businesses are reporting COVID-19’s negative impacts

  • 64% of respondents are affected by rising costs of materials, equipment, trucks, freight and shipping

  • Almost half of businesses are negatively impacted by increasing interest rates; 74% report increased expenses due to rising rates

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