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UNDERHOOD Air Compressors Ship In 10 Days
Supply chain shortages are causing significant deck mounted air compressor delays, but the UNDERHOOD is available today.

40 To 110* CFM Models. 100% Duty Cycle.
UNDERHOOD rotary screw air compressors are designed to maintain full air power 100% of the time so operators don’t need bulky air receiver tanks. This maximizes air tool performance and eliminates downtime.

Decrease GVW By Hundreds Of Pounds.
UNDERHOOD air compressors reduce GVW, allowing you to add more tools and equipment to your truck or van, or take advantage of better fuel economy.

Free Up Space On Your Vehicle.
UNDERHOOD air compressors are mounted in the engine compartment of the vehicle, saving space on your truck deck or in your van’s cargo area.

Engineered Truck & Commercial Van Mounting Kits With Options For Your Entire Fleet.
Available for Ford, RAM, Chevrolet/GMC, Mercedes/Freightliner, and International.

*Actual maximum CFM output of the air compressor varies by vehicle application. See Application List for details.

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