“We chose the UNDERHOOD air compressor because we wanted to save space in our van’s work area, and we needed a compact air compressor that could provide enough air flow for our jobs. We’ve been very happy with the air compressor - it has been up to any challenge we have put it through.”

-Dennis Miskow, Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.


VR40 System



UNDERHOOD40 air compressors ship in 10 days.
Supply chain shortages are causing significant deck mounted air compressor delays, but the UNDERHOOD is available today.

Up to 40 CFM. 100% of the time.
UNDERHOOD rotary screw air compressors are designed to run at 100% duty cycle without stopping. 

Decrease GVW by up to 290 lb.
Carry more tools and equipment or take advantage of improved fuel economy.

Free up to 10 ft³ in your cargo area.

UNDERHOOD air compressors free up to 10 ft³ in the cargo area because the air compressor mounts in the engine compartment.

Eliminate common safety issues.
UNDERHOOD Van Series air compressors are engineered to eliminate safety hazards that van operators face including toxic fume exposure and gas fires inside the cargo area.